1. Atlantis Industries Name

Atlantis - Sunken Continent on the bottom of The Atlantic Ocean.

Whole title means

"Technologies of Atlantis / Atlantis Technologies are back".


"Technologies of Atlantis / Atlantis Technologies are Re-applied once again".

2. Briefly about Us - What are We Offering; Our Spiritual Technologies in form of Our Exclusive Services and Products provided and delivered Exclusively on Distance Exclusively from EVERY/ALL Industries and Fields

2.1 The Ultimate Unity/The Ultimate United Standard - The Highest possible what is to be achieved out there; There is no higher and nowhere else further to go

2.2 Harmony with The System; We are Legal/Good Monopoly - The Social Business UNSELFISHLY and UNCONDITIONALLY orientated Exclusively ONLY FOR The Prosperity of the Community, Society, Mankind, Environment and Planet Earth

2.3 Lifetime Fee for ALL of Our Services

12 520 Czech Korunas (CZK); 1 person.

You can pay the whole sum in One-Time Payment.

Or You can pay by Monthly Installments!!!: You will discuss please Your individual and optional payment plan by Installments with our Customer service beforehand.

Please notice that after you pay complete amount from this price list, you Exclusively DO NOT pay anymore for any of our Services and Products. The reason for this is that this Price is from now on exclusively ONLY Ultimate, Permanent, Fixed and Changeless exclusively ONLY from date 14.11.2019 and its Constancy is from now on exlusively ONLY guaranteed by Our Project.

2.4 CONSTANT, NONSTOP, IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME (INFINITE) Availability and Support 24 hours, 365 days - all by Our REAL / NON-artificial Intelligence/Higher Power/Supreme Good to the Unlimited distance and any location on the planet Earth and beyond Her all In your own Time, in the Comfort of your Home and all this is for Anyone, For Any Gender, For Any Age, etc.

2.5 Secured Telepathic Services including Holistic Professional Advisory; Consultancies; Councelling; Complex Therapy; Natural Healing; Lecturing, Providing of Courses and Trainings; Telecommunications services etc.

2.6 Products and Services delivered by Teleportation, Materialisation and Dematerialisation - Thought Forms/Thought Projections/Tulpa(s)/Ťulpa(s), Shape Shifting; The Free Energy Aggregates: NON-Centralized Electric Energy Distribution

2.7 Electro-Magnetic Antigravity Propulsions systems and vehicles operating on such principles capable of Moving under Water, Fly in Air and in Space; Services Space Flights for Everyone

2.8 Opening The Portals for You and Your Subsequent crossing these Portals comparable to the principle and experience as you cross from one room to another room Via opened doors

2.9 Once again and this time forever Up-rising All Sunken Continents on the World Sea and Ocean Levels: Atlantis - In Atlantic Ocean; Hyperborea - In the Arctic Ocean above and beyond Northern Europe and Russia; Rama/Lemuria - In Indic Ocean; MU - In Pacific Ocean

2.10 Creation of the United States of the Planet Earth with the UNITED ONE World Government; with the ONE/SINGLE World Currency called URANTIA (Ancient and Original name of the Planet Earth); with Intergalactic Trade; with Intergalactic Tourism and with Intergalactic Sports

2.11 Exclusively from now on ONLY Ultimate, Independent, United and from now on completely ONLY without any Disinformation Telepathic TV with name URANTIA available for the Public also exclusively ONLY from the date 14.11.2019

TV contains from now on exclusively ANY and ALL Information about EVERYTHING which ever existed, existing, to be existing and/or WOULD BE existing including any and all further and additional Information about the Our Project and also including all of Our same as any all others Presentations originally presented in any and all classic "Earthly Media" and also including Information, Ultimate Convicting Evidences and Information how to obtain such Ultimate Convicting Evidences exclusively for ANY and ALL Cases, Scandals, Corruptions, Murders etc. All and any relevant Information for You are communicated to You automatically Telepathically and Via Your Intuition are brought up and realized/learned on Your Full Conscious level in form of the Mental movie from now on exclusively ONLY each time according to Your own Individual Need and Requirement and/or always for You in the optional, ripened and the right time.

3. Your Secured and Private Telepathic Contact with Our Project: Radovan Babic Svejkovský and his Telepathic, Virtual and Imaginary Universal Multi-Dimensional Multi-Professional Himself; Lecturer; Spokesman; Managing Director; Adviser and Consultant; Therapist and Coach; Healer

Radovan Babic Svejkovský - Photo

Hello My Dear Female Client

Hello My Dear Male Client

My name is Radovan

1. Please make Yourself Comfortable and please secure for Yoursel Peace, Quiet and Privacy.

2. EXCLUSIVELY ONLY Please Close Both Your Eyes and then subsequently EXCLUSIVELY ONLY Please Recall/Imagine/Visualise Myself on grounds of my photo above.

3. Verbally or Mentally please Introduce Yourself to me and please explain to me your Requirement. We will have FREE formal discussion, I will answer everything to you and we will close the Deal. Alternatively we will go for the Bartering Deal please - Exchange of Our Services and Products for Your Counter-Services or for Everything you can Offer to us which will have Prosperity for us.

4. Please Pay agreed amount throught the Transfer instructions stated BELOW and we go straight to IT. In case we have made Bartering Deal, we certainly go to action right away.

4. Payment Instructions

4.1 Bank Connection

Our account name/Benefitiary name: Atlantis Industries s.r.o.

IBAN: CZ75 2010 0000 0028 0151 6655


Variable symbol/Reference: 07551100

Message for the recipient: Transformation

Postal address of Our Bank:

Fio banka, a.s.; Táboritská 1782/40; 130 00; Praha 3/Prague 3; Czech republic

4.2 How do you achieve that Exclusively ONLY the exact amount in Czech korunas (CZK) stated in our Price Lists will be credited to our account

4.2.1 You can make an International Bank Transfer in Czech Korunas (CZK), where the transfer fees are Exclusively paid ONLY by You - in Internet Banking or in your bank, in the option "Fees are Paid by/Who Pays the Fees", you set/select Exclusively ONLY option "OUR".

4.2.2 You can make an International Bank Transfer in Czech Korunas (CZK) at your Local Post Office.

4.2.3 As a cheaper alternative to the previous two variants 4.2.1 and 4.2.2, you can make an International Bank Transfer in Czech Korunas (CZK) using the Online Secured Service called Transferwise. In this service You can make a One-time bank transfer, you can also use this Service to pay with your Payment/Credit/Debit Card, or you can set up a standing order using this service.

4.3 Invoice

You can issue Invoice yourself internally within Your Accountancy. Alternatively You can download a Template of Our Invoice where Exclusively ONLY you will Fill up optional, relevant and Transaction matching details. There is instructions by red colour stating which information and where you will fill them yourself where subsequently Exclusively Only Client is fully responsible for the accuracy, correctness of these by himself filled-in information. Subsequently such Invoice is Exclusively Only Fully Legal and full Valid Accounting Document in accordance with The Czech republic Legislation same as with other states of The Planet Earth. Template is available as Word document in ".docx" format.

We are looking forward to work with You

With Kind regards, Love, Humility and Respect; Our Team

Radovan Babic Svejkovský and his Twinflame Wife Renatka Svejkovská Babicová; Our Project; Planet Earth; Our Clients Concsious Minds/Egos, their Consciences, their Subconscious Minds/their Higher Selves/their Souls, Collective/Universal Mind; Transformation; Fifth Dimension; Cosmos and Universum; Whole Existence; Andrej Dragomirecký and his Twinflame Wife Andrea Dragomirecká; Edgar Cayce and his Twinflame Wife Isis; Ybuna and her Twinflame Husband Haton; Nicola Tesla and his Twinflame Husband Heimdallr and all others professionals from our Crystal Team; The Highest Creator Aton and his TwinFlame Wife The Highest Creatorness Atona; The Highest Source in form of The Unity of Three - Aton, Atona and Zero Point Energy

5. Materials to be used please exclusively ONLY in Media for the purpose exclusively from now on ONLY to bring the Public to this website of Our Project

5.1 Website to be used please exclusively from now on ONLY in EVERY Medial Presentation of the Our Project


5.2 Picture Materials